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Atlanta - SpineCor ProviderScoliosis Treatment in Atlanta to Avoid Scoliosis Surgery

Although effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment options are available here in Atlanta, most of the time people are not made aware of their existence by their doctors. Instead, they are simply told that the best thing for them to do is to do nothing. Is “Watch and wait” really the best thing to do for scoliosis?

The short answer is absolutely not!

Comprehensive non-surgical Scoliosis Treatment in Atlanta Combines Scoliosis Exercises with Soft Scoliosis Brace called SpineCor

The latest research is indicating early intervention is the key to stopping the progression of scoliosis curvatures. According to a recent study from the Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics January 2011 there appears to be a push for the need for orthotic or brace treatment in curvatures of 20 degrees or more regardless of age or curvature location.

In the past once a curvature progressed from a moderate to severe scoliosis surgical intervention is often recommended as the only course of care, yet complications of this lengthy surgery including infection, failure of the fusion or permanent numbness following surgery, not to mention the psychological effects afterwards. These types of serious complications have lead many scoliosis surgeons take a “watch and wait” approach to monitor the condition to see if it worsens to the point that the scoliosis becomes severe. Although many surgeons seem to be unaware of the new studies and the fact that there are a variety of effective, non-surgical approaches for scoliosis you should educate yourself on them before you consider surgery.

At SpineCor Providers of Atlanta is a Regional Center for the Scoliosis Systems in Georgia that offers comprehensive corrective movement scoliosis treatment in Atlanta utilizing the SpineCor soft scoliosis brace and the Schroth Method scoliosis exercises for our patients.

SpineCor – The Soft, Dynamic Tension Scoliosis Brace

SpineCor is the first and only dynamic tension brace for scoliosis and it works with the body, not against it, to help the body correct its scoliosis curvatures. Traditional hard scoliosis braces that can act like a body cast and cause muscle atrophy as a side effects. In contrast, SpineCor actually uses the muscles of the spine when worn, so instead of immobilizing the spine, it’s like being in therapy while wearing it.

Dr. Marc Lamantia and Dr. Gary Deutchman are Certified Providers of the SpineCor Soft Scoliosis Brace and Schroth Method Scoliosis Exercise instruction and specialize in the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.

Over the years they have fit hundreds of adults and thousands of children with scoliosis with the SpineCor brace and have earned the distinction of being the most experienced providers of the SpineCor scoliosis brace in the United States.

Patients have better compliance with the SpineCor scoliosis brace because it allows them total freedom of movement and is easily concealed under their clothing than bulky, rigid braces which severely restrict your movement.

Schroth Method – Specific Scoliosis Exercises

Schroth Method is a scientifically validated, scoliosis specific exercise approach that is designed to help patients manage scoliosis rigid scoliosis bracing or surgery. Developed in Germany as a therapist guided treatment to reduce the rotation distortion of the rib cage spine associated with scoliosis.

Our Doctors were certified in the Schroth Method Instruction at the Schroth Institute in West Germany and have now incorporated this methodology into specifically designed scoliosis exercise and breathing techniques designed to reduce and stabilize scoliosis in conjunction with using Spinecor’s flexible dynamic scoliosis brace.

Specific Scoliosis Adjustments

Proper spinal alignment is one of the keys to good health and the top vertebra, know as the Atlas, is the most important segment to stay aligned because it provides proper support for our head and allows for a clear passage way for our spinal cord. An Atlas misalignment can be responsible for many health conditions and in some cases can contribute greatly to scoliosis.

Atlas Orthogonal program developed over 40 years ago that is a gentle and effective method of realigning the Atlas Vertebrae. The method of correction t requires a precision X-ray analysis to calculate the necessary realignment of the Atlas Orthogonal Instrument to re-position the atlas. When appropriate, Atlas Orthogonal treatment is provided in our office.


So don’t just sit around and watch and wait for your scoliosis to worsen. Find out if you or your child is a candidate for our non-surgical scoliosis treatment in Atlanta. Our doctors provide Free Telephone Consultations to discuss your case of scoliosis, so CALL NOW at (770)884-7158 to schedule your Free Phone Consultation to find out if our type of scoliosis treatment is right for you!

Find out if you or your child might be a candidate for any of our effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment approaches by calling our office today to schedule your complimentary telephone consultation with one of our doctors, you’ll be glad you did.




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